Raymond E. Crist

Raymond E. Crist

Fellow: Awarded 1940
Field of Study: Geography and Environmental Studies
Fellow: Awarded 1953
Field of Study: Geography and Environmental Studies

Competition: US & Canada

University of Illinois, Urbana

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1939–40:

CRIST, RAYMOND E.:  Appointed for studies of the human geography of the Venezuelan Andes; tenure, twelve months from July 15, 1940.

Born October 11, 1904, at Seven Mile, Ohio.  Education:  University of Cincinnati, B.A., 1925; Cornell University, 1927–28; University of Zurich, 1931–32; University of Bonn, 1932; University of Grenoble, Docteur ès Lettres, 1937.

Assistant in Geography, 1936–37, Instructor, 1937—, University of Illinois.

Publications:  A Geography of Europe (with Raoul Blanchard), 1935; Etude Geographique des Llanos du Venezuela Occidental, 1937. Articles in Geographical Review, Revue de Geographie Alpine, Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia, Revista Geográfica Americana, Illinois State Academy Transactions, Scientific Monthly, Economic Geography.

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