Ruth Hughey

Ruth Hughey

Fellow: Awarded 1935
Field of Study: English Literature

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1935–36:

HUGHEY, RUTH:  Appointed for the editing of a newly discovered manuscript anthology of 16th century poetry, collected by John Harington of Stepney and his son Sir John of Kelston, together with the preparation of an introduction including a descriptive catalogue of other Harington manuscripts and a study of the contribution of the two Haringtons to 16th century literary history; tenure, twelve months from July 1, 1935.

Born September 11, 1899, at Gentry, Arkansas. Education: Galloway College, B.A., 1920; Columbia University, M.A., 1921; Northwestern University, Summer, 1925; Cornell University, Ph.D., 1932 (Graduate Scholar in English and Fellow of the Yardley Foundation, 1931–32).

Teacher of Latin and English, 1921–23, St. Mary’s School, Memphis, Tennessee; Assistant Professor of English, 1923–24, Henderson College; Professor of English, 1924–26, Grenada College, Instructor of English, 1926–29, University of Missouri; Margaret E. Maltby Fellow of the American Association of University Women, 1932–33.

Publications:  Articles in The Times Literary Supplement, The British Soroptimist, Review of English Studies, The Library.

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