Silvana Cardell

Silvana Cardell

Fellow: Awarded 2022
Field of Study: Choreography

Competition: US & Canada

Silvana Cardell (She/her/hers) is a Philadelphia-based choreographer, director, and educator.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from The University of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Temple University. I have been Georgian Court University Dance Department Chairperson and Associate Professor since 2009. I have presented choreography in my native Argentina, in the US, and internationally since 1990. Full bio at

Living in an increasing civic and social justice crisis I firmly believe that artistic expression and imagination are needed to spark essential global change. As an artist, I feel responsible for intensifying my creativity to face these problems and seek solutions. Addressing these concerns, my artistic work becomes a personal quest; I create dance performances to comprehend further what is at stake and how to contribute meaningful thoughts and sustainable change.

During the Fellowship, I plan to create Disposable Bodies, a dance performance that examines the treatment of human and nonhuman bodies as disposable. By including the nonhuman animal realm, I question the categorization of protected versus abandoned lives, and I respectfully address Judith Butler’s fundamental questions: “Who counts as human?” and “Whose lives count as lives?”

Photo Credit: Paula Meninato

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