Thomas E. Phipps Sr.

Thomas E. Phipps Sr.

Fellow: Awarded 1930
Field of Study: Chemistry
Fellow: Awarded 1931
Field of Study: Chemistry

Competition: US & Canada

University of Illinois, Urbana

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1929–30:

Phipps, Thomas Erwin:  Appointed to make studies of problems in the field of molecular rays, chiefly with Professor Otto Stern at the Institute for Physical Chemistry of the University of Hamburg; tenure, twelve months from July 1, 1930.

Born October 24, 1895, at Stony Point, Tennessee.  Education: University of Texas, A.B., 1915, M.A., 1916; University of California, Ph.D., 1921.

Instructor in Chemistry, 1921–23, Associate, 1924-26, Assistant Professor, 1927–28, Associate Professor, 1929—, University of Illinois.

Publications: Articles in Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Physical Review.

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