Thomas Middleton Raysor

Thomas Middleton Raysor

Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: English Literature
Fellow: Awarded 1928
Field of Study: English Literature

Competition: US & Canada

State College of Washington

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Raysor, Thomas Middleton: Appointed for the preparation of a corrected edition of S. T. Coleridge’s lectures and marginalia on Shakespeare, and other literary remains; research principally in the British Museum and in the Bodleian Library; tenure, twelve months from August 1, 1926.

Born March 9, 1895, at Chapel Hill, Texas. Education: University of Texas, 1911–13; University of Chicago, 1914; Harvard University, A.B., (summa cum laude) 1917, A.M., 1920, Ph.D., 1922; Weld Fellowship (1921–22) and Sheldon Traveling Fellowship (1922–23) from Harvard University.

Instructor, Allen Academy, Texas, 1914–15; Instructor, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, 1917–18; Assistant Professor of English, University of Minnesota, 1923–24; Associate Professor of English, State College of Washington, 1924—.

Publications: Articles in Modern Philology and Studies in Philology.


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