Walter S. Adkins

Walter S. Adkins

Fellow: Awarded 1931
Field of Study: Earth Science

Competition: US & Canada

University of Texas, Austin

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

ADKINS, WALTER SCOTT:  Appointed for the preparation of a work on the Lower Cretaceous of the United States: study of type material in European collections; tenure, six months from September 1, 1931.

Born December 24, 1890, at Coal Creek, Tennessee. Education:  University of Tennessee, B.S., 1910; Columbia University, 1912–13, 1915–16; University of the Sorbonne, 1925–26.

Assistant Professor of Biology, 1913–15, Texas Christian University; Instructor in Anatomy, 1916–18, University of Illinois Medical School; Instructor of Geology, 1918–19, Baylor University; Curator, Bureau of Economic Geology, 1919–20, Associate Geologist, 1920–27, Geologist, 1927—, University of Texas. Chairman of Research Committee, Society of Economic Paleontologists, 1928–31.

Publications: Articles in University of Texas Bulletins, American Mineralogy, and Journal of Paleontology.

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