William R. Amberson

William R. Amberson

Fellow: Awarded 1927
Field of Study: Medicine and Health

Competition: US & Canada

University of Pennsylvania

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Amberson, Willliam R.: Appointed for the study of mechanisms involved in the electrical stimulation of nerve and muscle, principally with Dr. A. V. Hill, at University College, London; tenure, eight months from February 1, 1928.

Born June 17, 1894, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Education: Lafayette College, Ph.B., 1915; Princeton University, Ph.D., 1922.

Instructor in Science, Trenton (New Jersey) High School, 1915–17; Instructor in Physiology, University of Tennessee, 1922; Assistant Professor of Physiology, University of Tennessee, 1922–23, Assistant Professor of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania, 1923—.

Publications: Articles in Journal of General Physiology and American Journal of Physiology.


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