Xin Zhang

Xin Zhang

Fellow: Awarded 2022
Field of Study: Engineering

Competition: US & Canada

Xin Zhang is a Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Boston University. Her research spans metamaterials and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS or microsystems) to diverse areas with forward-looking engineering efforts and practical applications, for use in fundamental research and to fulfill societal needs.

Three distinct research themes and applications areas are represented by her recent work, namely metamaterials and microsystems: 1) With tunable and nonlinear responses for photonic and optical applications, to boost the development of next-generation terahertz communication and develop high-performance optical systems by providing high-end components, including emitters, detectors, filters, and lenses, among others; 2) For clinical medical imaging technologies, including magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound, in order to yield revolutionary increases in performance as well as disruptive new capabilities for diagnosis and therapy; and 3) For acoustic silencing and noise reduction, making the world quieter by addressing long-standing noise issues in a wide range of mechanical systems, in which highly efficient, air-permeable sound silencers are required, such as fan, propeller, or engine noise reduction, as well as smart sound barriers, among many others.

She is an Elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors, AAAS, ASME, IEEE, AIMBE, APS, and Optica, and Associate Fellow of AIAA.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Boston University

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