Field-Of-Study: East Asian Studies

Haun Saussy

My project in 2014–2015 has to do with two topics that have intrigued and teased me for decades: translation (and what, in translating, escapes the narrow definition of translation) and the early Chinese philosophical book Zhuangzi (or Chuang-tzu). It was a happy day when I realized that these two topics had a deep mutual relation.

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Robert Weller

Robert P. Weller writes on topics ranging from religion and resistance to urban unemployment, and from numerous field sites around China (Nanjing, Tianjin, Anqing, Leshan) as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.  A broad concern with the workings and limits on the exercise of power in daily life—the power of spirits and of states, of

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Richard von Glahn

Currently I am Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles. Trained in middle imperial (Tang-Song) Chinese history at UC Berkeley and Yale, I taught briefly at the University of Rochester and Connecticut College before joining the history faculty at UCLA in 1987, where I teach courses in Chinese history and world history

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Michael Nylan

Michael Nylan has been fortunate in her teachers, beginning with her headmistress at the Shipley School for Girls in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Margaret Bailey Speer, who was head of Yenching Women’s College before the Japanese occupation of Beijing.  Once in college, at the University of California, Berkeley, Nylan was lucky enough to acquire some sense

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Yunxiang Yan

A native of Beijing, Yunxiang Yan was forced to drop out of school at the age of twelve and spent the subsequent twelve years working as a shepherd and farmer in two Chinese villages during the Cultural Revolution period. He returned to school in 1978, earning a B.A. in Chinese Literature and a M.A. in

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