Return Policy

Return of work examples

The Foundation will not return any supporting material unless payment arrangements have been made, nor will it retain material once the competition is over.

Please do not send stamps to cover shipping costs. Do not send self-addressed envelopes affixed with stamps or dated pre-metered postage.

Discs and flash drives will not be returned. Only books, manuscripts, photographic prints, and scores will be returned.

To ensure the return of supporting material, the following options are available:
The most preferred option is to set up an account with FedEx or DHL and send us your account number when you submit your material. We will return materials by FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (FedEx International Economy for overseas delivery), or DHL International Express for overseas delivery unless otherwise requested.

For additional information, visit DHL or FedEx.

If you cannot set up an account with FedEx or DHL, you can arrange to have your work returned by regular postal mail. Simply indicate that you would like your work returned by postal mail; we will contact you at the conclusion of the competition and let you know how much the cost will be to return your material. You may then send us a check in U.S. dollars (made out to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation) for the shipping amount. Please do not send a check before you are contacted.

If you are in the New York City area, you may also come by our office to retrieve your material. You must call or email us beforehand so that your material can be prepared and the building security can be alerted to your visit.

If you require further information or assistance, please call us at 212-687-4470 or email us at

If applicants do not make arrangements for the return of their supporting materials by April 30 the Foundation will dispose of those materials.