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The application is composed of eight sections:

Applicants can return to any part of their application to make changes, if necessary. When all the information has been provided, the applicant must submit the application by selecting the “Final Submit” button no later than the deadline.

The application should be for a single project. Applications that attempt to span too many disparate disciplines, or that include too many objectives, are less competitive than those that propose a balanced, focused goal.

An applicant proposing a co-authored or co-created project must submit a joint application along with the other person; that is, each person must submit a separate application, indicating on each application that you are applying jointly.


Applicants may submit the names and addresses of no more than four references; applicants should request permission from these individuals before listing them as references. Letters of recommendation will be solicited from references via email. Appropriate references are individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s professional work. Read more about recommendation letters here.

Supporting documents

Applicants must submit three supplementary statements in PDF format:


A brief narrative account of your career, describing your previous accomplishments. Please do not substitute a resume. This account should mention prizes, honors, and significant grants or fellowships that you have held or now hold, showing the grantor and the inclusive dates of each award.

Jordan Whitfield


A list of work:

Publications, if you are a scholar, scientist, or writer

For books, please provide exact titles, names of publishers, and dates and places of publication. Playwrights should also include a list of productions. If you are a scholar or scientist, you may provide hyperlinks to your listed publications.

if you are an artist

Include a chronological list of shows, citing dates and places, and a list of collections in which your work is represented. Forthcoming shows should also be mentioned. Work exhibited on websites and blogs alone does not constitute a sufficient record of accomplishment for our competition.

if you are a choreographer

Include locations and dates.

if you are a composer

Include a chronological list of your compositions, citing titles and dates; a list of your published compositions, citing the names of publishers and the dates of publication; and a list of recordings. First public performances should also be listed, giving names of performers and dates.

Films or Videotapes,
if you are a film or video maker

Include a chronological list of your works, citing titles and dates of completion, and dates and places of major public showings of each.


A statement of plans for the period for which the
Fellowship is requested

Applicants in science or scholarship should provide a detailed, but concise, plan of research, not exceeding three pages in length. Please note that, although it is common for scientific proposals to be written in first-person plural, we ask that the statement of plans be written in first-person singular. In addition, it should be clear that the proposed project is indeed an individual initiative, and not a group-authored project.

Group projects will not be considered.

Laura Adai-Ya

Applicants in the arts should submit a brief statement of plans describing the proposed creative work in general terms, not exceeding three pages in length.

Financial considerations do not play a part in our evaluations, and applicants should not include a budget in the statement of plans. When candidates are selected as Fellows, they are then asked to submit budget information for their projects.

In making our inquiries on your behalf, we send each person named as reference only a copy of your statement of plans; therefore, the statement of plans you submit must be self-contained.

Submission of work examples in support of your application.

After your application is received, you may also receive an email at a later date with further instructions about when to submit examples of your work.

Please do not send examples until you receive these further instructions.

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