Underwriting Support

Thank you to the following individuals and foundations for their support of the class of 2023 Fellows:

Robert De Niro for his support of Lavar Munroe, Fine Arts, in honor of Robert De Niro, Sr., Fellow 1968

The Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation for its support of Edward B. Foley, Constitutional Studies

Strauss Zelnick and Wendy Belzberg for their support of Abraham Verghese, General Nonfiction, in honor of Stacy Schiff, Fellow 1996

The Eleanor Schwartz Charitable Foundation for its support of a Fellowship in Medicine & Health, awarded to Euan Angus Ashley

Park S. Nobel, Fellow 1973, for his support of Monica Dus, Biology

Five Guggenheim Fellows for their support of Tanya Pollard, Early Modern Studies

Jerold S. Kayden, Fellow 1989, for his support of a new Climate Change Fund for Fellowships that are related to climate change in different fields of study. In 2023 the Climate Change Fund will support a Fellowship in Earth Science, awarded to Stephen R. Meyers

Matt Pincus and Sarah Min for their support of a Fellowship in Fiction, General Nonfiction, or Biography for a woman or person of color, awarded to Kao Kalia Yang

The Estate of Philip Roth, Fellow 1959, for partial support of writers

The Joel Conarroe Fund for partial support of Fellows in the creative arts

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music for its support of the Fellowship program

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