Alden S. Crafts

Alden S. Crafts

Fellow: Awarded 1938
Field of Study: Plant Sciences
Fellow: Awarded 1957
Field of Study: Plant Sciences

Competition: US & Canada

University of California, Davis

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1937–38:

CRAFTS, ALDEN SPRINGER:  Appointed for anatomical and physiological studies of plants, especially a study of the functioning of the sieve tubes of plants; tenure, seven months from June 1, 1938.

Born June 25, 1897, at Fort Collins, Colorado.  Education:  University of California, B.S., 1927, Ph.D., 1930. National Research Council Fellow, Cornell University, 1930–31.

Assistant Botanist, 1931—, California Agricultural Experiment Station; Assistant Professor of Botany, 1936—, University of California College of Agriculture.

Publications:  Articles in Plant Physiology, Hilgardia, Stain Technology, American Journal of Botany Supplement, Bulletin of the California State Department of Agriculture, Science, Botanical Gazette, Journal of Agricultural Engineering, California Agricultural Extension Circular, Journal of the American Society of Agronomy, Journal of Agricultural Research.


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