Alfredo Barrera Vásquez

Alfredo Barrera Vásquez

Fellow: Awarded 1933
Field of Study: Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Fellow: Awarded 1934
Field of Study: Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1933–34:

(Profile photograph: Fot. Venus, Mexico, D.F. 1932)

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1933

Appointed from Mexico:

BARRERA VÁSQUEZ, ALFREDO:  Appointed for a translation of the Maya Codex known as the Chilam Balam de Tizimín and for certain other studies in Maya linguistics, chiefly in the Department of Middle American Research of Tulane University; tenure, twelve months from September 18, 1933.

Born November 26, 1900, at Maxcanú, Yucatan, Mexico. Education: State Normal School, Mérida, Professor of Primary Education, 1921; School of Fine Arts of Mérida, 1916–20; National Museum of Mexico and National University, 1920–32; special studies of the Maya language and the folklore of Yucatan.

Instructor, 1920–23, School of Fine Arts of Yucatan; Instructor, 1924–27, Department of Primary Education of Yucatan; Instructor in the Maya language, 1932—, National University of Mexico; Translator in charge of the Maya language department, 1932—, National Museum of Archaeology, Mexico City.

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