Howard Mumford Jones

Howard Mumford Jones

Fellow: Awarded 1932
Field of Study: Biography
Fellow: Awarded 1935
Field of Study: Biography
Fellow: Awarded 1964
Field of Study: Biography

Competition: US & Canada

Education: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD:  Appointed for the writing of a life of Thomas Moore with a view to exhibiting him as an author representative of Regency taste in literature, and showing the currents of thought found in his work; research in England and Ireland; tenure, six months from February 1, 1933.

Born April 16, 1892, at Saginaw, Michigan. Education:  State Teachers College, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1910–12; University of Wisconsin, B.A., 1914; University of Chicago, M.A., 1916.

Adjunct Professor of English, 1916–17, University of Texas; Assistant Professor of English, 1917–19, University of Montana; Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, 1919–25, University of Texas; Associate Professor of English, 1925–27, Professor, 1927–30, University of North Carolina; Professor of English, 1930—, University of Michigan.

Publications: The King in Hamlet, 1921; A Descriptive Catalogue of an Exhibition of Manuscripts and First Editions of Lord Byron, 1924 (with R. H. Griffith); America and French Culture,  1927; The Romanesque Lyric, 1928 (with P. S. Allen); <i style="mso-bidi-font-style:

normal;”>Plays of the Restoration and the Eighteenth Century, 1931. Editor of The Poems of Edgar Allen Poe, 1929. Articles in The Sewanee Review, Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Modern Language Notes, Studies in Philology, The English Journal, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, American Literature, Modern Philology, Texas Review, Yale Review, Scribner’s Magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, Southwest Review.

Awarded: Pulitzer Prize, Nonfiction, 1965

Pulitzer Prize, Nonfiction, 1965
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