Jacob Hammer

Fellow: Awarded 1929

Field of Study: Medieval Literature

Fellow: Awarded 1931

Field of Study: Medieval Literature

Fellow: Awarded 1938

Field of Study: Medieval Literature

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 10-31-1894

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1929–30:

Hammer, Jacob:  Appointed to collate all existing Twelfth Century manuscripts of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae in English, French, Belgian and Italian libraries, with a view to establishing and editing a critical text of Geoffrey; tenure, twelve months from September 15, 1929.

Born October 31, 1894, in Poland. Education: Gymnasium Tarnopol, Poland, A. B., 1913; University of Lemberg, 1913–14, 1917–18; University of Vienna, 1920–21; Columbia University, M. A., 1923, Ph. D., 1926 (Columbia University Scholarship in Classics, 1922–23; Drisler Fellowship in Classics, 1923–24).

Assistant Librarian, Philosophy Department, 1922–23, Columbia University; Instructor in Greek and Latin, 1925–29, Assistant Professor, 1929—, Hunter College of the City of New York.

Publications:  Prolegomena to an edition of the “Panegyricus Messalae,” 1925. Translation (with M. Hadas) of A. Körte’s “Hellenistische Dichtung,” 1929. Articles and reviews in American Journal of Philology, American Historical Review, Classical Philology, The Classical Journal, The Classical Weekly.