Allen Brown West

Allen Brown West

Fellow: Awarded 1925
Field of Study: Classics
Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: Classics

Competition: US & Canada

Wheaton College

As published in the Foundation’s Annual Report for 1925–26:

West, Allen B.: Appointed for (1) a careful examination of the stones on which were inscribed the tribute records of the Athenian Empire, in order to determine the number of tributaries, period by period, the amount of tribute collected, and the dates of the more important undated fragments; (2) the publication of the tribute lists in facsimile, with transcripts revised in the light of the studies; and (3) the preparation of a monograph on the Athenian Empire which will make use of the epigraphical material collected.

Born June 19, 1886, at Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Education: Milton College, B.A., 1907; University of Wisconsin (Fellow), M.A., 1910, Ph.D., 1912; Oriel College, Oxford University, 1907–09, 1910–11, as Rhodes Scholar from Wisconsin.

Assistant in History, University of Wisconsin, 1911–12; Instructor in Classics, Swarthmore College, 1912–16; Professor of Greek and History, Racine College, 1916–17; Assistant Professor of History, University of Rochester, 1917–19; Professor of History, Wheaton College, 1919–25; Assistant Professor of Classics, Princeton University, 1926—.

Publications: “The History of the Chalcidic League,” 1919; articles in Classical Philology, American Journal of Archaeology, and other journals.


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