Allen Tate

Allen Tate

Fellow: Awarded 1928
Field of Study: Poetry
Fellow: Awarded 1929
Field of Study: Poetry

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1928:

Tate, Allen: Appointed for creative work in poetry, abroad; tenure, twelve months from September 1, 1928.

Born November 19, 1899, Fairfax County, Virginia. Education: Georgetown University; University of Virginia; Vanderbilt University, B.A., 1922.

Was a founder (1922) and an editor of The Fugitive, a journal of poetry; has contributed poetry and criticism to The New Republic, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Nation, The Calendar of Modern Letters (London), The Monthly Criterion (London), The Sewanee Review, The Guardian, and other journals in America, France and England.

Publications: “Stonewall Jackson: The Good Soldier,” 1928; “Mr. Pope and Other Poems,” 1928; “Fugitives: An Anthology of Verse,” (one of eleven contributors of the Fugitive group), 1928.

Spouse: Caroline Gordon Tate, Fellow in Fiction, 1932

1943 - 44

Poet Laureate, 1943 - 44
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