Arthur Preston Whitaker

Arthur Preston Whitaker

Fellow: Awarded 1929
Field of Study: U.S. History
Fellow: Awarded 1949
Field of Study: U.S. History

Competition: US & Canada

Western Reserve University

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1929–30:

Whitaker, Arthur Preston:  Appointed for research in Spanish archives on certain aspects of the Spanish régime in Louisiana and the Floridas, 1779–1821; tenure, three and one-half months from June 1, 1929.

Born June 6, 1895, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Education: University of Tennessee, B. A., 1915; Harvard University, A. M., 1917, Ph. D., 1924 (Ozias Goodwin Memorial Fellowship, 1916–17; Austin Teaching Fellowship, 1920–21). Amherst Memorial Fellowship, 1924–26.

Instructor in History, 1921–22, Simmons College; Instructor in History, 1922–24, New York University; Professor of History, 1926–27, Florida State College for Women; Visiting Professor of History, 1927–28, Vanderbilt University; Lecturer in Summer Session, University of Wisconsin, 1928; Associate Professor of History, 1928—, Western Reserve University.

Publications: “The Spanish-American Frontier, 1783–1795,” 1927. Articles and reviews in Mississippi Valley Historical Review, American Historical Review, North Carolina Historical Review, and Agricultural History; contributor to Dictionary of American Biography.


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