Bassett Maguire

Bassett Maguire

Fellow: Awarded 1944
Field of Study: Plant Sciences

Competition: US & Canada

New York Botanical Garden

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

MAGUIRE, BASSETT.  Appointed for plant exploration in the interior rain-forest and savannah lands of Surinam, and of the lower Amazon Basin in the Pará region; tenure, four months from April 1, 1944.

Born August 4, 1904, Gadsden, Alabama.  Education:  University of Georgia, B.S., 1926; Cornell University, Ph.D., 1928.

Instructor in Botany, 1927–29, University of Georgia; Assistant in Botany, 1929–31, Cornell University; Assistant Professor of Botany, 1931–38, Associate Professor, 1938–43, Curator of Herbarium, 1932–43, Utah State Agricultural College; Curator, 1943—, New York Botanical Garden. Botanist, Summers, 1928 to 1931, New York Biological Survey; Aquatic Biologist, Summers, 1932 and 1934, U. S. Bureau of Fisheries; Special Field Agent, Summers, 1932 and 1935, U. S. Department of Agriculture; Range examiner, 1935, U. S. Soil Conservation Service.

Publications:  Articles in Rhodora, Leaflets of Western Botany, Torreya, Madroño, American Midland Naturalist, Brittonia, Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Circulars of the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences.


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