Carl Henry Eckart

Carl Henry Eckart

Fellow: Awarded 1927
Field of Study: Physics

Competition: US & Canada

California Institute of Technology

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Eckart, Carl H.: Appointed for researches concerning the new quantum theory, with Professors E. Schrödinger at Zürich, Switzerland, and A. Sommerfeld in Munich, Germany; tenure, twelve months from October 1, 1927.

Born May 4, 1902, at St. Louis, Missouri. Education: Washington University, St. Louis, B.Sc., 1922, M.Sc., 1923; Princeton University, Ph.D., 1925. National Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1925–27.

Teaching Fellow in Physics, Washington University, 1923; Research Fellow of the Edison Lamp Works (General Electric Company) at Princeton University, 1923–25.

Publications: Articles in Physical Review, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature.


National Academy of Sciences , 1953
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