Carlos García Mata

Carlos García Mata

Fellow: Awarded 1931
Field of Study: Economics

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Intervención Federal a la Provincia de Santa Fe

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1931

Appointed from Argentina:

García Mata, Carlos:  Appointed for studies of methods of predicting economic phenomena, chiefly at Harvard University; tenure, twelve months from September 25, 1931.

Born May 23, 1905, in Buenos Aires. Education:  Colegio del Salvador, Bachiller, 1922; University of Buenos Aires, Lawyer, 1928.

Editor, Revista de Economía Argentina,  1929–30; Technical Advisor of the Advisory Commission for Statistical Services of the Republic of Chile, 1929–30; Subsecretary of Department of Finance and Public Works of the Province of Santa Fé, 1930–31.

Publications: Articles in Revista de Economía Argentina, Estudios, El Economista  (Madrid), Criterio.

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