Cergio Prudencio

Cergio Prudencio

Fellow: Awarded 2008
Field of Study: Music Composition

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Fundación Arca-Ira; Universidad Católica Boliviana

Cergio Prudencio was born in 1955 in La Paz, Bolivia, where he attended the Bolivian Catholic University and studied classical guitar, flute, piano, and percussion.  A composer, conductor, teacher, and researcher, he is the founder (in 1980) and chief conductor of the Orchestra of Experimental Native Instruments (OEIN), which has received strong attention for such works as The City (1980), Song of the Earth (1990), Cantos Meridian (1996), and Cantos Crepuscular (1999), among others.  Mr. Prudencio has achieved considerable international renown, not only for OEIN but for the over forty works he has composed for the cinema, theater, video, and dance.  

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