Colin McPhee

Colin McPhee

Fellow: Awarded 1942
Field of Study: Music Research
Fellow: Awarded 1943
Field of Study: Music Research

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1941–42:

McPHEE, COLIN.  Appointed for the preparation of a book on Balinese music; tenure, twelve months from April 1, 1942.

Born March 15, 1901, Montreal, Canada. Education:  Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, 1918–21; private studies.

Teacher of Piano, 1918–21, Peabody Conservatory; Teacher of Piano, 1921–24, Canadian Academy of Music. Research and recording of music, in Java and Bali, 1931–35 and 1937–39.

Performances:  Morte d’Arthur, performed by Peabody Orchestra, 1920; Hippolytus of Euripedes, performed at Hart House Tavern, Toronto, 1923; Second Piano Concerto in B, performed by Toronto Symphony Orchestra, 1924; Sonatina for wind quartet and piano, performed at Composer’s Guild, New York, 1926; Pastoral and Rondino, performed by the Composer’s Guild, New York, 1926; Concerto for Piano and 8 Woodwinds, performed at Rochester, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Havana and Basle, 1928; Sea Shanty Suite, performed by the Schola Cantorum, Harvard Glee Club and Princeton Glee Club, 1929; Mechanical Principles, performed at Copland-Sessions Concert, 1931; Tabuh-Tabuhan, performed by Carlos Chávez, Mexico City, 1936; From the Revelation of Saint John the Divine, commissioned by the League of Composers, 1935, and performed by the Princeton Glee Club, 1936.

Musical publications:  Sea Shanty Suite, for men’s chorus, pianos and timpani, 1930; Kinesis, Invention, for piano, 1930; Concerto for Piano and 8 Woodwinds, 1931; Balinese Ceremonial Music, for 2 pianos, 1940.

Recordings:  Music of Bali, album of two-piano transcriptions and flute melodies. Played by Benjamin Britten, the composer and Georges Barrère, 1941.

Publications:  Articles in Djawa, Modern Music, Peabody Bulletin, Musical America, New York Times.

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