David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann

Fellow: Awarded 2023
Field of Study: European and Latin American History

Competition: US & Canada

David L. Hoffmann is College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of History at The Ohio State University. He specializes in modern Russian and Soviet history. Hoffmann received his B.A. from Lawrence University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Russian History from Columbia University. He is the author of Peasant Metropolis: Social Identities in Moscow, 1929-1941 (Cornell University Press, 1994); Stalinist Values: The Cultural Norms of Soviet Modernity (Cornell University Press, 2003); Cultivating the Masses: Modern State Practices and Soviet Socialism, 1914-1939 (Cornell University Press, 2011); and The Stalinist Era (Cambridge University Press, 2018). He has also published several edited volumes. His current project, “World War II Memory in the Soviet Union and Putin’s Russia,” is an examination of how the Second World War was memorialized by the Soviet government and how Soviet-era war commemoration continues to inform Russian politics today. He is also working on another book entitled, “Women and Gender in Soviet History.”

Photo Credit: The Ohio State University

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