David S. Blondheim

David S. Blondheim

Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: Medieval Literature

Competition: US & Canada

Johns Hopkins University

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Blondheim, David Simon: Appointed to complete, in Paris, an edition of the Old French glosses in Rashi’s Talmudical Commentaries, and subsequently to gather material for other works, in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and England; tenure, twelve months from June 1, 1926.

Born August 24, 1884, at Baltimore, Maryland. Education: Johns Hopkins University, A.B., 1906, Ph.D., 1910; Ecole des hautes etudes, Paris, 1908–09, élève attitré.

Instructor in Romance Languages, 1910–12, Associate, 1912–13, Assistant Professor, 1913–17, University of Illinois; Associate Professor of French, Johns Hopkins University, 1917–18; Assistant Dean in charge of American students in natural science, Sorbonne, Paris, Army Educational Corps, 1919; Associate Professor of French, 1919–24, Professor of Romance Philology, 1924—, Johns Hopkins University.

Publications: “Les Parlers Judéo-Romans et la Vetus Latina,” 1925; articles in Modern Language Notes, Revue des Etudes Juives, Romania, Modern Language Journal, American Journal of Philology, etc.


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