Edwin M. Loeb

Edwin M. Loeb

Fellow: Awarded 1928
Field of Study: Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Competition: US & Canada

University of California, Berkeley

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1928:

Loeb, Edwin Meyer: Appointed to make a study of the material culture, social organization, and religion of the more primitive peoples of Sumatra; study to be made chiefly at Leiden, The Netherlands; tenure, twelve months from June 1, 1928.

Born March 15, 1894, in New York City. Education: Yale University, Ph.B., 1916, M.A., 1921, Ph.D., 1922.

Teaching Fellow in Anthropology, 1922–23, Research Associate, 1924–27, Lecturer in Anthropology, 1927–28, University of California.

Publications: “Pomo Folkways,” University of California Press, 1926; “History and Traditions of Niue,” Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 1927; articles in American Anthropologist.


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