Elspeth Dusinberre

Elspeth Dusinberre

Fellow: Awarded 2023
Field of Study: Classics

Competition: US & Canada

Elspeth Dusinberre (A.B. summa cum laude Harvard 1991, Ph.D. Michigan 1997) is interested in cultural interactions in Anatolia. Much of her work has considered the ways in which the Achaemenid Persian Empire (ca. 550-330 BCE) affected local social structures and in the give-and-take between Achaemenid and other cultures.

Her work in the last decade has focused on the Phrygian capital, Gordion, in Achaemenid and earlier periods. The work she will pursue as a Guggenheim Fellow takes her into the Early Phrygian period, to examine the enormous megarons of Gordion’s elite quarter, part of a destruction level dating ca. 800 BCE. She has written four books, with a fifth nearing completion, and numerous articles. She has worked at Sardis, Gordion, and Kerkenes Dağ in Turkey, as well as at sites elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean. Prof. Dusinberre teaches primarily Greek and Near Eastern archaeology at CU-Boulder. She is a President’s Teaching Scholar, a Professor of Distinction, and a Distinguished Research Lecturer, and has been awarded twelve University of Colorado teaching awards.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Semih Gönen

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