Gaines Post

Gaines Post

Fellow: Awarded 1939
Field of Study: Medieval History
Fellow: Awarded 1955
Field of Study: Medieval History

Competition: US & Canada

University of Wisconsin, Madison

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1939–40:

POST, GAINES:  Appointed for the writing of a history of the relations of the Papacy and learning in the later Middle Ages; tenure, twelve months from September 1, 1939.

Born March 7, 1902, at Haskell, Texas.  Education:  University of Texas, B.A., 1924; Harvard University, M.A., 1925, Ph.D., 1931.

Assistant in History, 1926–27, Instructor, 1929–35, Harvard University; Assistant Professor of History, 1935–37, Associate Professor, 1937—, University of Wisconsin.

Publications:  Articles in Speculum, Archiv für katholisches Kirchenrecht. Contributor to Haskins Anniversary Essays in Mediaeval History, 1929.

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