George Herzog

George Herzog

Fellow: Awarded 1935
Field of Study: Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Fellow: Awarded 1947
Field of Study: Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Competition: US & Canada

Yale University

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1935–36:

HERZOG, GEORGE: Appointed for the writing of a book on music in primitive cultures; tenure, twelve months from October 5, 1935.

Born December 11, 1901, in Hungary.  Education: University of Berlin, 1922–24; Columbia University, Ph.D., 1931. Academy of Music, Budapest, 1917–19; Hochschule für Musik, Berlin, 1921–22; Phonogramm-Archiv, Psychologisches Institut, Berlin, 1922–24.

Research Associate in Anthropology, 1930–32, University of Chicago (in charge of University of Chicago Department of Anthropology Expedition to Liberia, 1930); Research Associate, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 1932–35, Yale University.

Publications: Articles in The Journal of American Folk-Lore, Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Americanists, Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Musikwissenschaft, Bulletin of the Folk-Song Society of the Northeast, Musical Quarterly, American Anthropologist. Contributor to Yuman Tribes of the Gila River, 1933; Truk, 1933; Negro, 1934.

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