Harry Shultz Vandiver

Harry Shultz Vandiver

Fellow: Awarded 1927
Field of Study: Mathematics
Fellow: Awarded 1930
Field of Study: Mathematics

Competition: US & Canada

University of Texas, Austin

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Vandiver, Harry Shultz: Appointed to engage in original research in connection with Fermat’s Last Theorem, the Laws of Reciprocity and related topics in the theory of Algebraic numbers, and to confer with specialists in this theory, chiefly in England, Switzerland and Germany; tenure, twelve months from September 15, 1927.

Born October 21, 1882, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Education: Special courses, University of Pennsylvania, 1904–05. Received four Heckscher research grants from Cornell University during period 1920–24.

Instructor, Cornell University, 1919–24; Lectured at University of Chicago, summer, 1922; Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, 1924–25, Associate Professor, 1925—, University of Texas.

Member of the Council of the American Mathematical Society. Chairman of the Committee on Algebraic numbers of the division of Physical Sciences of the National Research Council.

Publications: Articles in Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Annals of Mathematics, American Journal of Mathematics, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Joint author of a Report on the “Theory of Algebraic Numbers,” published by the National Research Council in its Bulletin, February, 1923.


National Academy of Sciences , 1934
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