J. R. Kline

J. R. Kline

Fellow: Awarded 1925
Field of Study: Mathematics

Competition: US & Canada

University of Pennsylvania

As published in the Foundation’s Annual Report for 1925-26:

Kline, John Robert: Appointed for a study of the mathematical problem of the “Analysis Situs of Three Dimensions from a Point Set Standpoint,” to find satisfactory point set definitions of a simple closed surface, to make a study of the relation of the surface to its surrounding three spaces and to consider certain important problems concerning point sets on a general continuous curve as a space, principally at the University of Göttingen, Germany; tenure, twelve months from February 1, 1926.

Born December 7, 1891, at Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Education: Muhlenberg College, A.B., 1912; University of Pennsylvania, A.M., 1914, Ph.D., 1916. Harrison Fellowship for Research in Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, 1916-17.

Instructor, Muhlenberg College, 1915-16; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1917-18; Instructor in Mathematics, Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, 1918-19; Associate in Mathematics, University of Illinois, 1919-20; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1920—.

Publications: Articles in Annals of Mathematics, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Fundamenta Mathematicae, etc.


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