James B. Jacobs

James B. Jacobs

Fellow: Awarded 2012
Field of Study: Law

Competition: US & Canada

New York University School of Law

James B. Jacobs is the Warren E. Burger Professor of Law at NYU School of Law, where he has been a faculty member since 1982.  A University of Chicago J.D. and Ph.D. (sociology), Professor Jacobs specializes in criminal law and procedure, criminal justice, and criminology. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology and recently was awarded the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime’s lifetime achievement award. He is the author of fifteen books on topics including the social organization of prisons;  drunk driving politics, jurisprudence and policy; the politics and jurisprudence of  hate crime laws;  corruption and its control; and the regulation of weaponry in a democratic society. His most recent book is Breaking the Devil’s Pact: The Battle to Free the Teamsters From the Mob (2011). Professor Jacobs’  current research project is “Criminal Records: Politics, Jurisprudence & Policy.”


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