Jeremy Greene

Jeremy Greene

Fellow: Awarded 2023
Field of Study: History of Science, Technology and Economics

Competition: US & Canada

Jeremy Greene is a physician, historian, and author whose writings capture the social lives and political stakes of everyday medical technologies. He is the William H. Welch Professor of Medicine and the History of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he directs the Institute of the History of Medicine and the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine, and practices general internal medicine in an urban community health center. He has written or co-edited six books and publishes in popular periodicals as well as clinical and scholarly journals across the humanities and social sciences. His current project, Syringe Tide: Disposable Technologies and the Making of Medical Waste, focuses on the scientific, social, and economic basis of the shift towards disposable technologies that have made the health care industry one of the largest carbon-emitting and plastic waste-producing sectors of the global economy–and what might be done to correct this. An internationally-visible expert in social medicine who has testified on state and federal health policy, Dr. Greene was recognized with the 2021 Nicholas Davies Award from the American College of Physicians for “outstanding scholarly activities in history, literature, philosophy, and ethics and contributions to humanism in medicine.”

Photo Credit: Jeremy Greene

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