Josephine W. Bennett

Josephine W. Bennett

Fellow: Awarded 1944
Field of Study: Renaissance History
Fellow: Awarded 1955
Field of Study: Renaissance History

Competition: US & Canada

Hunter College, CUNY

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

BENNETT, JOSEPHINE WATERS. Appointed for the preparation of a book on the cultural development of England from the time of Chaucer to the death of Sir Thomas More; tenure, twelve months from September 1, 1944.

Born January 15, 1899, Lakeside, Ohio. Education:  Ohio State University, B.A., 1924, M.A., 1925, Ph.D., 1936; Radcliffe College, 1928–31; Dorothy Bridgman Atkinson Fellow of the American Association of University Women, 1934–35.

Assistant Instructor in English, 1927–28, 1935–36, Instructor, 1936–37, Ohio State University; Instructor in English, 1930–31, Tufts College; Instructor in English, Spring, 1932, University of Tennessee; Instructor in English, 1942—, Hunter College.

Publications:  The Evolution of the Faerie Queene, 1942. Editor of A Revelation of the True Minerva, by Thomas Blenerhasset, 1941. Articles in Studies in Philology, American Journal of Philology, Modern Philology, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Publications of the Modern Language Association, ELH, Modern Language Notes, Huntington Library Quarterly, American Literature, Explicator, Shakespeare Association Bulletin, Speculum.


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