Karl P. Schmidt

Karl P. Schmidt

Fellow: Awarded 1932
Field of Study: Organismic Biology & Ecology

Competition: US & Canada

Field Museum of Natural History

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1932

Appointed from the United States:

SCHMIDT, KARL PATTERSON: Appointed to prepare a systematic account of the amphibians and reptiles of upper Central America; studies of type material in European museums and field work in Central America; tenure, twelve months from July 15, 1932.

Born June 19, 1890, at Lake Forest, Illinois. Education: Lake Forest College, 1906–07; Cornell University, B.A., 1916.

Research Assistant, 1916–17, Assistant Curator of Herpetology, 1918–22, American Museum of Natural History; Assistant Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, 1922—, Field Museum of Natural History. Scientific expeditions to West Indies, 1916, 1919; Central America, 1923; South America, 1926; Pacific and East Indian Islands, 1928, 1929.

Publications: Articles in Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Publications of Field Museum of Natural History, Copeia, Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New York, Annals of the New York Academy of Science, American Museum Novitates, Bulletin of the Antivenin Institute of America.

National Academy of Sciences , 1956
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