Leonor Caraballo-Farman

Leonor Caraballo-Farman

Fellow: Awarded 2010
Field of Study: Film and Video

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Working in a wide range of settings, from Argentine stadiums to American laser tag arenas, caraballo-farman’s work focuses on public rituals and collective acts exploring the relationship between individuals and groups, unit and structure, and how one enables or dissolves the other. By exploring the rituals of modernity as spaces of power and euphoria, as well as of the absurd and the tragic, caraballo-farman abstracts the context to blur the line between the documentary and the aesthetic, in order to emphasize formal or rhetorical structures.

caraballo-farman’s work has been supported by several foundations and art centers, including the Canada Council, the New York Community Trust, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, and Art Omi, and has been shown around the world, including at the Tate Modern, PS1/MOMA, Whitney ISP, Artists Space,  Museo del Barrio, LAXART,  Havana Biennial, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The project supported by the Guggenheim fellowship will focus on the discourse around the breast and the representation of its health and illnesses. Medical imaging technologies provide new images of our "selves"—from the "inside"—while the diseases they are made to diagnose or track give us new "social identities." The proposed project will be a multipart, multimedia project with both visual/experiential and educational/workshop components that explores the breast as medical and social image.



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