Lewis Mumford

Lewis Mumford

Fellow: Awarded 1932
Field of Study: Architecture, Planning and Design
Fellow: Awarded 1938
Field of Study: Architecture, Planning and Design
Fellow: Awarded 1956
Field of Study: Architecture, Planning and Design

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

MUMFORD, LEWIS:  Appointed for the completion of a book on Form by the addition of material obtained at first hand in Europe; tenure, four months from April 20, 1932.

Born October 19, 1895, at Flushing, Long Island.  Education: College of the City of New York, 1912–18; New York University, 1914; Columbia University, 1915, 1917; New School for Social Research, 1919.

Associate Editor, 1919, The Dial; Acting Editor, 1920, Sociological Review; Co-editor, 1927–31, The American Caravan; Contributing Editor, The New Republic. Lecturer, 1925, New School for Social Research; Lecturer, 1929, Geneva School for International Studies; Guernsey Moore Lecturer, 1929, Dartmouth College.

Publications: The Story of Utopias, 1922; Sticks and Stones, 1924; The Golden Day, 1926; Herman Melville, 1929; The Brown Decades, 1931. Articles in The Journal of the American Institute of Architects, Architecture, The Architectural Record, Scribner’s Magazine, The American Mercury, Harpers Magazine, The Commonweal, The Menorah Journal, The Freeman, The New Republic, Creative Art, Das Kunstblatt, Die Form, Creative Art.

Photograph credit: Greenwich Village Studio, 98 Sixth Avenue, New York



National Book, , 1962
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