Margo Jefferson

Margo Jefferson

Fellow: Awarded 2008
Field of Study: General Nonfiction

Competition: US & Canada

Eugene Lang College, The New School; Columbia University

Born in Chicago, Margo Jefferson received her B.A. from Brandeis University and her M.S. from Columbia University, where she is currently a professor of creative writing. She has also taught at Princeton University, New York University, and The New School. 

A Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic, she has written extensively for the New York Times and  Newsweek, served as an editor of Vogue, and published articles in Grand Street and The Scholar and the Feminist.   She is the author of On Michael Jackson (Pantheon, 2005; rpt., Vintage, 2006), and has also written and performed two theater pieces at The Cherry Lane Theatre and The Culture Project in New York City. 

In addition to the Pulitzer Prize for criticism, she is the recipient of the General Electric/Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines Award and a Rockefeller Foundation grant.  Ms. Jefferson has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to study racial composition and improvisation for a forthcoming book.

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