Marie Losier

Marie Losier

Fellow: Awarded 2013
Field of Study: Film - Video

Competition: US & Canada

French Institute Alliance Francaise

Marie Losier is a gymnast,  filmmaker, and curator who moved twenty years ago from France to New York. She was a painter and worked in set design for Richard Foreman before landing her hands on a 16mm bolex camera.  She learned to use it when she met Mike Kuchar ten years ago and ended up making her first film with him (Bird Bath and Beyond), and then  with his dear brother George (Electrocute Your Stars!).  From then on she never stopped filming and she has made a number of film portraits on avant-garde directors, musicians, and composers such as Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman, Tony Conrad , Alan Vega, and Genesis P-Orridge. Whimsical, poetic, dreamlike, and unconventional, her films explore the life and work of these artists. She recently finished her first feature film, a  portrait of pioneering musician-artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (of  Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV) and his/her partner Lady Jaye. The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye premiered at the Forum at The Berlin Film Festival in February 2011, and won many awards and was released in 2012 in France, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and the USA.  Her films and videos have screened at museums, galleries, biennials, and festivals around the world. Since 2000 she has served as the film curator at FIAF/The French Institute Alliance Francaise in New York City, where she presents a weekly film series.   She has also programmed experimental films at the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema and Ocularis for many years and continues to program at venues across the United States and internationally.

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