Marjorie Hope Nicolson

Marjorie Hope Nicolson

Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: Philosophy

Competition: US & Canada

Goucher College

As published in the Foundation’s Annual Report for 1926–27:

Nicolson, Marjorie Hope: Appointed for research, in certain European libraries, in to the history of ideas with special reference to the seventeenth century as the determining point of modern thought, and for the completion of a book on the Life and Works of Henry More; tenure, twelve months from September 1, 1926.

Born February 18, 1894, at Yonkers, New York. Education: University of Michigan, A.B., 1914, A.M., 1918; Yale University, Ph.D., 1920; Currier Fellowship, 1918–19, and Howard Fellowship, 1919–20, at Yale University; special courses, University of Minnesota, 1920–23; Fellow by courtesy, Johns Hopkins University, 1923–26.

Instructor, Saginaw (Michigan) High School, 1914–15; Instructor (First Assistant) Detroit (Michigan) Northwestern High School, 1915–18; Instructor, Detroit (Michigan) Teachers’ College, 1916–18; Instructor in English, 1920–21, Assistant Professor of English, 1921–23, University of Minnesota; Assistant Professor of English, 1921–23, University of Minnesota; Assistant Professor of English, Goucher College, 1923–26; Assistant Professor, College for Teachers, Johns Hopkins University, 1924–25; appointed Associate Professor, Smith College, 1926.

Publications: “A Note Book for High School English,” 1917; “The Art of Description,” 1925; Editor, “Selections from Shelley and Keats,” 1924; “Selections from Tennyson,” 1924; articles in Philosophical Review, Studies in Philology, Modern Language Notes, Publications of the Modern Language Association, Philological Quarterly, Forum, American Speech.


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