Morton Dauwen Zabel

Morton Dauwen Zabel

Fellow: Awarded 1944
Field of Study: Literary Criticism
Fellow: Awarded 1962
Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Competition: US & Canada

Loyola University

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

ZABEL, MORTON DAUWEN. Appointed for the writing of a book on Joseph Conrad: a critical study of his life, his writings, and his thought in the setting of modern literature and history; tenure, twelve months from the winter of 1944–45 (postponed).

Born August 10, 1901, Minnesota Lake, Minnesota. Education:  St. Thomas College, B.A., 1921; University of Minnesota, M.A., 1922; University of Chicago, Ph.D., 1933. Study and research at British Museum and Bodleian Library, Summers, 1924, 1928, 1935; at Columbia and Harvard Universities, Summers, 1926, 1929, 1932, 1933.

Associate Professor of English, 1922–28, Professor and Chairman of the Department, 1928—, Director of Publications, 1925—, Loyola University, Chicago. Visiting Professor of English, 1934, Frederic Ives Carpenter Professor of English, 1941, University of Chicago. Visiting Professor of English, University of Notre Dame, 1930; Northwestern University, 1939; University of California, 1942. Inaugural Professor of North American Literature, National University of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 1944. Associate Editor, Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, 1928–36; Editor in Chief, 1936–37.

Publications:  The Romantic Idealism of Art: 1800–1840, 1933; Shakespeare’s Imagery: A Criticism, 1936; Literary Opinion in America, 1937; The Popular Movement in Art in England, 1800–1840, 1938; The Condition of American Criticism, 1939; Two Years of Poetry: 1937–1939, 1940. Collaborator in A Book of English Literature: The Contemporary Period, 1943; Co-Editor (with Harriet Monroe) of A Book of Poems, 1932. Articles and reviews in Poetry, Nation, New Republic, Southern Review, Partisan Review, London Mercury, Art and Archaeology, The Arts, Journal de Poètes, Nouvelles Littéraires, Books, Commonweal, Harvard Advocate, Modern Philology, Philological Quarterly, Il Mare (Italy), Pensamento da America, Correio da manhā, Directrizes (Brazil), Sur (Argentina).


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