Nejla Yatkin

Nejla Yatkin

Fellow: Awarded 2023
Field of Study: Choreography

Competition: US & Canada

Nejla Yatkin is a visionary choreographer based in Chicago, whose work has been described as magical. The New York Times has lauded her “fierce and supple” performance style and her ability to weave personal histories and universal stories into a holistic and captivating performance. Raised in the walled city of West Berlin, Nejla comes from a lineage of nomadic tribes at the crossroads of cultures in Anatolia. Her diverse cultural background infuses her work with a unique movement style that reflects her curiosity and love for the expressive power of movement. Nejla’s interdisciplinary approach to dance is wide-ranging as it is innovative. From solo performances and choreography for theater and other dance companies to installations in public spaces, film, and augmented reality, Nejla’s creations are infused with a deep curiosity for the eloquence of movement and its ability to connect people across cultures. Driven by a profound curiosity and desire to understand the “deep currents” that connect us all, Nejla’s art invites us on a journey of exploration and discovery. Her work has earned her numerous grants and awards, including recognition from the Princess Grace Foundation, The, Baryshnikov Art Center, Chicago Dancemakers Forum, 3Arts and the John F. Kennedy Center.

Photo Credit: Enki Andrews

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