Otto Struve

Otto Struve

Fellow: Awarded 1928
Field of Study: Astronomy and Astrophysics

Competition: US & Canada

University of Chicago

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1928:

Struve, Otto: Appointed for a theoretical study of the distribution and physical properties of diffuse matter in inter-stellar space, principally with Professor A. S. Eddington, Cambridge University, England; tenure, ten months from August 1, 1928.

Born August 12, 1897, at Kharhov, Russia. Education: University of Kharkov (Russia), Diploma of first rank, 1919; University of Chicago, Ph.D., 1923.

Instructor, 1919, University of Kharkov; Assistant in stellar spectroscopy at the Yerkes Observatory, 1921–23; Instructor in Astrophysics, 1924–27, University of Chicago. Fellow, International Education Board, Summer, 1926, at Mount Wilson Observatory, Assistant Professor of Astrophysics, 1927—, University of Chicago.

Publications: Interstellar Calcium, Contribution from the Mount Wilson Observatory, 1927; Further work on Interstellar Calcium, 1928; articles in Astrophysical Journal, Astronomical Journal, Popular Astronomy, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Astronomische Nachrichten.


National Academy of Sciences , 1937
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