Pedro Ángel Palou

Pedro Ángel Palou

Fellow: Awarded 2011
Field of Study: Fiction

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Sorbonne Paris V

Pedro Ángel Palou (born in Puebla, Mexico, 1966) is a prolific novelist and essayist. He has worked in the public service as Minister of Culture and in Higher Education, for fifteen years as Professor of Literature and President of Universidad de las Américas in Puebla (UDLA) and also as a Visiting Professor in Paris (Sorbonne Rene Descartes), with Michel Maffesoli, and in Dartmouth College where he is writer in residence (2011-2012). He is the author of thirty-three books, including an acclaimed novel, Como quien se desangra (Xavier Villaurrutia Prize in 2003) and an historical trilogy, about Zapata, Morelos and Cuauhtémoc, three important heroes of Mexican history. He is an anchorman on public television (History Channel and Canal 22), chef, soccer referee, and journalist.

Professor Palou has a Ph.D in Social Sciences and was honored with the Francisco Xavier Clavigero National Prize in History for his book about sociology of culture in Mexico between 1900-1940, La casa del silencio, aproximación en tres tiempos a Contemporáneos. In 2009, he was a finalist of the Planeta Casa America competition with his novel El dinero del diablo, published in twenty-two countries of the Spanish-speaking world.


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