Pedro J. Bermúdez Hernández

Pedro J. Bermúdez Hernández

Fellow: Awarded 1935
Field of Study: Earth Science
Fellow: Awarded 1936
Field of Study: Earth Science

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Universidad de la Habana

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1935–36:

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1935

Appointed from Cuba:

BERMÚDEZ HERNÁNDEZ, PEDRO J.:  Appointed for studies of Foraminifera, especially from the paleontological point of view, with the purpose of contributing to a correlation of the Eocene faunas of Cuba with those of the Gulf Coast of the North American mainland, chiefly at the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research at Sharon, Massachusetts; tenure, twelve months from October 1, 1935.

Born February 24, 1905, at Vueltas, Cuba.  Education:  Instituto de Segunda Enseñanza de Santa Clara, Bachiller, 1924; University of Havana, Doctor of Pharmacy, 1927.

Assistant in Biology, Zoology and Zoography, 1930, Assistant in Zoology and Paleontology, 1934, University of Havana.

Publications:  Articles in Memorias de la Sociedad Cubana de Historia Natural.

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