Richard A. Olshen

Richard A. Olshen

Fellow: Awarded 1987
Field of Study: Statistics

Competition: US & Canada

University of California, San Diego

Richard Olshen’s research interests are in statistics and mathematics and their applications to medicine and biology. Many of his efforts have concerned binary tree-structured algorithms for classification, regression, survival analysis, and clustering. Those for classification and survival analysis have been used with success in computer-aided diagnosis and prognosis, especially in cardiology, oncology, and toxicology. His approaches to tree-structured clustering have been applied to lossy data compression, especially in digital radiography, and also to HIV genetics. Some of his research involves applying information on SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and other features as together they predispose to hypertension.

Much of Olshen’s work concerns analyses of longitudinal data. Some that was of interest concerned the pharmacokinetics of intracavitary chemotherapy with systemic rescue. Related efforts have also dealt with the development of mature walking, longitudinal studies of cholesterol, and many aspects of glomerular filtration in patients with nephrotic disorders.

Some of his research concerns more mathematical problems, such as exchangeable probabilities, conditional levels of particular test statistics, topological category regarding CART-like estimators in regression, and successive standardization of rectangular arrays of numbers.


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