William R. Zame

William R. Zame

Fellow: Awarded 2004
Field of Study: Economics

Competition: US & Canada

University of California, Los Angeles

William Zame received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Tulane (1970) and had a career in Pure Mathematics, holding appointments at Rice University, Tulane University, SUNY/Buffalo, and The Johns Hopkins University. He moved to Economics in the late 1980s and to UCLA in 1991, where he is currently Distinguished Professor of Economics and of Mathematics and Director of the California Social Science Experimental Laboratory (CASSEL). He has been a Fellow of the Econometric Society since 1994.

In mathematics, his main interests are in complex and functional analysis (especially Banach algebras). In economics, his main interests are in economic theory broadly (especially cooperative and non-cooperative game theory and general equilibrium theory), in finance and in experimental economics (especially experimental finance). His current research addresses mortgage markets and the location of economic geography.


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