Field-Of-Study: History of Science and Technology

Domenico Bertoloni Meli

After studying physics and German, Domenico Bertoloni Meli received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in History of Science in 1988. He serves as Director of the Indiana University (IU) Center for the History of Medicine. He has received many fellowships and grants in addition to his Guggenheim Fellowship. He has also been a member of the Institute for Advanced

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Warwick Anderson

Warwick H. Anderson holds an appointment as Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of History and the Center for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine at the University of Sydney. Additionally, he has an affiliation with the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at Sydney and is a Professorial Fellow of the Centre

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Ken Alder

Ken Alder was born under the sign of Sputnik, and has devoted his career to the study of the history of science in its social and political context. He was conceived at Bell Labs in Murray Hills, New Jersey, in the same year that the U.S. launched the nation’s first telecommunications satellite. Raised in Berkeley,

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