Field-Of-Study: History of Science

Brett Walker

Brett L. Walker is Regents Professor of History at Montana State University, Bozeman.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon and was assistant professor of history at Yale University prior to returning home to Big Sky Country.  He teaches courses on environmental history, Japanese history, and world history. He has written three books

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D. Graham Burnett

D. Graham Burnett is an editor at Cabinet, the Brooklyn-based quarterly of art and culture; he teaches at Princeton University, where he holds an appointment as Professor of History and History of Science, and affiliations with the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities (I-HUM), the School of Architecture, and the Princeton Environmental Institute. Burnett studies

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James C. McCann

Malaria is an infectious disease like no other.  It is a dynamic, shape-shifting force of nature that constitutes Africa’s most deadly and debilitating infectious disease.  During its historical co-evolution with humankind, malaria has evaded biomedicine’s struggles to eradicate it, or control its movement, and has mocked efforts to pursue it through single-stranded tactics: applications of

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